For many years, BOC have proudly performed at many fundraising events, delighting audiences across Ireland whilst raising funds for good causes. From church events, private fundraisers, golf club galas and everything in between, BOC and all our members are delighted to help with fundraising for charities and good causes.

We’re proud to support Friends of the Cancer Centre

Cancer Centre and to let you all know more about the charity’s work and how our support will make a difference.

Based in the Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital, Friends of the Cancer Centre supports cancer patients and their families from right across Northern Ireland. Every year, Friends of the Cancer Centre invests over £1.2 million into local cancer services and support for patients and their families.

As Friends of the Cancer Centre does not receive any Government funding, it is through the support of organisations like Belfast Operatic Company, our members, contacts, friends and family, as well as people in the local community, that the charity is able to provide a range of vital services.

You can find out more about the charity’s work by visiting

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We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone at Belfast Operatic Company for sharing their incredible talent with us as a tribute to the hard-working staff.

Friends of Cancer Centre